The Roseland


Design circa: 1860 Victorian Classical Revival.

In the manner of Robert Smirke, famous for his works including those on the Covent Garden Theatre and the London Museum.

Features - Plain stepped jambs and block capitals separated by a double bull-nosed string moulding running continuously under the recessed plain frieze. Complex cavetto and ovolo moulding to underside of plain square edged shelf.

The Victorian Classical revival was in itself a later incarnation of the 17th century Neoclassical revival, where the appreciation of the beauty and symmetry of the Classical World provided a newly discovered inspiration for generations of designers and architects.


Many prestigious public buildings and grand private dwellings were inspired by the grandeur of ancient and renaissance Italy and classical Greece.

In turn the town planners and general builders of the day were motivated to replicate these designs for the homes of the rapidly growing middle classes of Victorian Britain.