The choice of stone and the stone finishes available are amongst the most critical factors when matching designs with raw materials. The different materials that have been chosen for the Sovereign mantel range offer a good palette of colour, texture, feel and appearance.

We are delighted to present three materials in total with two different natural limestones and an exquisite new polished marble.

Our Umbrian limestone is unique to one quarry in Iberia and in a honed finish offers a homely rustic feel. Varying natural movement and veining make it perfect for a natural country house look.

The honed Agean limestone presented a cleaner, more consistent colour.

“With a tighter grain and less movement it is an ideal choice for both classical and contemporary products choices.”

Newly sourced, our Venetian marble is of the finest quality. With its highly polished finish and striking appearance, marble of this quality has been the classical designer’s choice since Renaissance times. Full of natural movement and colour variance this stone provides a completely unique and stunning period fireplace.