Our Sovereign mantel designs have been influenced by historical source data and we go to enormous effort to match period design and manufacturing techniques.

Our designers closely follow the latest trends in interior styling to allow the construction of the fireplace to be updated with some contemporary features and characteristics where we believe appropriate.

The Range

The Sovereign mantel range has been designed specifically to complement certain room sizes, certain fireplaces and certain fireplace openings.

Each of the mantels shown has a 59” shelf width so these are perfect for rooms with a large chimney breast.

The mantels are also substantial in proportions and generous in the use of material whilst being versatile in application. They suit large rooms with high ceilings and rooms that can accommodate an imposing mantel.

Each mantel offers a 36”x36” fire opening and they naturally combine well when used with stoves, large solid fuel baskets and large landscape gas fires as the interior feature.

The Sovereign mantel range has three distinct stone material options, each with different qualities to offer you a wide individual buying choice.